Designing Business for Tomorrow’s Challenges

We help you create sustainable, customer-centric business solutions and lead change. The aim is to build sustainable organisations and create world-class customer experiences that work today and in the future.

Martina Candolin Unicorn Business Design

“I believe that everyone can be a unicorn in their own business. What I mean by this is that everyone can be the best in their own business in their own field. That’s why I’ve named my company Unicorn Business Design. To get to the top, you need an understanding of market and customer needs, a forward-looking and a long-term approach. I look forward to being part of your unique journey!”

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Martina Candolin

Founder of Unicorn Business Design

Our services

What does Unicorn Business Design offer?

Unicorn Business Design specialises in creating sustainable, customer-centric business solutions and leading change.

Do you recognise that your organisation needs to develop but you don’t have the resources, the skills or simply want help with the process? We will help you, on your unique journey! Unicorn Business Design provides you with expertise, proven methods and additional resources to help you grow your business. Our goal is to help your organisation create great customer experiences and increase your competitiveness, now and in the future.

In which situations can we help?

Our offers

When you want to develop your business to deliver a better customer experience.

When you want to improve internal processes and working practices.

When you want to create new business concepts for increased customer value.

When you need help steering development projects and are looking for a long-term competitive advantage.

When you want to implement changes in your organisation.

If you need an interim leader for your organisation.

“Martina encouraged us to think about new ways of looking at things and to develop common strategies to improve the organisation. Martina helped us to understand the future and to be more proactive.”

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Our process

How we work


We initiate each cooperation by identifying the challenges together. By understanding your goals and needs, we will create a comprehensive plan with several alternative solutions to address your challenges.

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The next step is to work together to find the solution that best fits your organisation’s strategy, resources and objectives. Here the focus is always on sustainable solutions that help you create value for your customers and strengthen your competitiveness. The chosen solution is tested and verified to ensure accuracy.

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When we come up with a solution, we will support you throughout the implementation, so that it is as smooth and effective as possible.

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We don’t stop at the implementation, we work together with you to review the results and ensure that your business objectives are met.

Everyone can be the unicorn of their own business

We look forward to hearing from you and discussing how we can help you and your business.

Work with us!