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Our history

Martina Candolin founded Unicorn Business Design in 2023 after 15 years of working in the service industry, especially in digital and professional services and business development. Leadership, humanity and business thinking have always been close to her heart.

Unicorn Business Design’s vision is to help our clients create businesses that are ready to meet the needs of the future. We strongly believe that everyone can be a unicorn in their own business. We value humanity and sustainability, and they permeate everything we do and are the foundation of our success. It’s an honour for us to delve into your specific needs and the whole picture, so that we can provide the best possible experience for you!

We combine Business Design methods with business thinking to create innovative and user-centric solutions. Together with our network of experts, we will ensure that your business reaches the next level!

Martina Candolin

Designing Business for Tomorrow’s Challenges

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